About Us

Lochiel Brewing was founded in May 2015 by Ian Cameron in Mesa, Arizona. We’re a two-vessel 10-barrel full electric, brewhouse with several 7-barrel  and 15-barrel fermenters and brite tanks focusing on the production of a range of Scottish-style beers.

We do not have a kitchen or serve prepared foods. We do have prepackaged snacks, bar type of snacks. Chips, nuts, cookies, popcorn, meat sticks. If you’re looking to have a meal, we encourage to eat prior or order to go, or use UberEats.com or DoorDash.com to deliver to our location. We allow outside food.

Separately, a bit about the owner: Ian is a deaf professional brewer and the sole owner with experience stemming from over 15  years of homebrewing and three years volunteering at various breweries in the southwest, part-time, to earn professional experience.

The brews are made with a Scottish style, strong malt-forwardness. The Scotch ale is a family recipe handed down through generations of a Cameron of Lochiel lineage. Although we do brew the other family recipes that consist of an English Mild, a light yet flavorful brown ale, an Extra Special Bitter (ESB), a Scottish Colonial Golden. We even have a Scottish Porter that walks the line between a stout and a porter.